Natural Woodskin

Made from Pinus Radiata. The WoodskinTM cajon offers a wide dynamic response. Best suited to general accompaniment and feature playing. A strong soloist instrument. The unit has a powerful upper register, complemented by an unsurpassed solid bass note.
Comes as standard with switchable snare and switchable tone control.
An optional Depth Control is also available. Each are operated without switching noise 'whilst you are playing' using the easy to reach black switch panel shown.
Height 49cm. Finish Natural.
This product is the subject of various patents and patent applications worldwide.



The perfect compliment to your WoodskinTM cajon. The drum provides the bass, snare, tom, cajon and djembe etc type sounds, whereas the FootTamTM provides the hi-hat like ‘ta’ sound. Placed on the floor next to the cajon it is tapped by your heel or toe. The amount of 'jangle' is screw adjustable to how you like it, from a tamborine type sound to a hi-hat like sound.
Length 38cm, Width 19cm, Height 3cm. Finish Black.